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Molly Ringwald, Then & Now

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I have some fun stuff to share in the next few weeks. Here’s a recent assignment I did for More Magazine which compares Molly in all her 80′s glory to her new stylish self. The magazine refers to this type of piece as a “charticle” (chart + article). Click to enlarge it:

The photos were supplied by the client, which is always a treat. Here is the rough mock-up I was given. The Art Director, Claudia, encouraged me to have fun with it and had the clever idea to turn the arrows into more whimsical objects…which I did! (Great working with you, Claudia!)

NOTE: If you are awesome, you will have noticed that although Molly’s 1980′s photo is from the “16 Candles” poster, in the final piece I have replaced her outfit with one inspired by the pink lace masterpiece she rocked in “Pretty in Pink”. (But, minus the cut-out shoulders. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you lack the most basic 80′s knowledge. Please seek help.)

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