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Unhealthy Habits and Totally Starstruck

Indianapolis Monthly recently commissioned this illustration on unhealthy habits (Thanks Hector!). Here’s a close-up of two of my favorites…habits, that is :-)    Actually, If TV static looked all cute and zig-zaggy like this, I would probably sit and watch it. Speaking of television, LOST is coming back soon – rock on, ya’ll!!


In addition to the assignment, I was happy to learn that I would be a “Featured Contributor” in the issue, with a short bio and a headshot. Now, aren’t I special? In lieu of the usual photo, the magazine requested an illustrated self-portrait. I was happy to oblige, and took the opportunity to illustrate myself as a glamorous teenage rock star, and possibly an extra from the 1982 movie Starstruck.


If you haven’t seen Starstruck, it’s a new wave musical with serious early-eighties style. I highly recommend. I saw it at Film Forum as a kid, and it really made an impression on me. If you have neither the time nor the inclination to rent it, at least check out this awesome review of it on my new fave blog “House of Self-Indulgence” which hilariously reviews every cult film worth watching.

Here’s a couple of Starstruck stills, courtesy of House of Self-Indulgence. Enjoy…



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