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Monthly Archives: April 2009

“In C”, New York Magazine

Here’s a montage I created for this week’s New York Magazine about composer Terry Riley’s minimalist piece from the 1960′s titled “In C”. Supposedly, he composed it on a San Francisco bus trip while completely stoned. (Hmm, I wish I knew how to refer to someone being “stoned”, without sounding like Mr. Hand.) Anyhoo, with [...]

Twiggy & The Boy Friend

I was going to do a blogpost about the film “The Boy Friend“, but this book cover appears to list all the relevant facts I LOVE this book cover. Twiggy is dead serious, toasting champagne in her silver aviator getup, looking cool as hell. I think the Marlena Dietrich eyebrows are an important part of [...]

Lovin’ the Layout

I just got my April issue of BUST Magazine, and I am REALLY digging the clean layout and typography accompanying my Mother’s Day illo. Also love the cheeky use of the flower within the headline. For this job, the Art Director requested the image be a “marqueed” shape, like some of my portfolio pieces. After [...]