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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Absinthe Cocktails, Toronto Life Magazine

This is a recent illustration I did for Toronto Life about cocktail recipies that use absinthe. “The Green Fairy”, as absinthe is commonly called, is legendary for it’s hallucinogenic properties, which have sadly proven to be untrue. Thankfully, the myth persists, allowing illustrators like myself to get a little groovy and bust out some trippy [...]

Harlin Quist and Mod Crash Pads

While writing an earlier blogpost, about my obsession with Fiorucci, I learned that the publisher of The Fiorucci Book was none other than the legendary Harlin Quist! It seems a perfect coincidence, since Mr. Quist was also the publisher responsible for my favorite books from childhood. In the 1960′s and 1970′s Quist produced over sixty [...]

Who is Ely Kim?

Ely Kim’s rad little viral video called “BOOMBOX” has been making the rounds and it made me wonder – Who is Ely Kim…and will he be my best friend? In BOOMBOX, Ely joyfully busts a move to 100 songs in 100 days in 100 different places. Oh, it’s SO good. Well, it turns out that [...]