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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Things That I Like: Bugsy Malone and Paul Williams

If you have not seen Alan Parker’s 1976 film Bugsy Malone, I command you to netflix that sucker NOW. It combines the gangsters and showgirls of the late 1920′s with amazing 70′s-style musical numbers, with cast of all kids. It’s like Xanadu meets Goodfellas…meets Sesame Street. Oh yeah, and it stars Jodie Foster and Scott [...]

“One Million Monkeys Typing”, Paste Magazine

You may be wondering “Hey, where are the other 999,999 monkeys?” The answer is, I do not know. Maybe check between the cushions of your couch. Actually, I do know: Since this illustration was to run as a small spot, the AD and I agreed that a single iconic monkey would read more clearly on [...]

“Stay Away From Seattle Day”, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Seattle Metropolitan recently commissioned this illustration about the unofficial Seattle holiday known as “Stay Away From Seattle Day”. The holiday dates back to 1990, when the city was being inundated with an unwelcome number of tourists. Oddly, doing this assignment really made me want to visit Seattle. Sort of like the reverse of that Groucho [...]

Heinous or Genius?: Empire Bail Bond signage

This is the first post in a series I shall call “Heinous or Genius?”, where I will debate whether to classify something as totally awesome or truly loathsome. We shall begin with the new signage for Empire Bail Bonds at 93 Court Street in Brooklyn, NY. EXHIBIT A: (Side note: This is my first animated [...]

The “New York City, Real & Imagined” Book Project

This Summer I attended ICON5 (The Illustration Conference), and participated in a related collaborative book project titled “New York City, Real & Imagined”. Each artist was asked to create an illustration that portrayed their vision of NYC. I’m a native New Yorker, and LOVE city imagery so I was thrilled to participate. Rather than work [...]

Oldie but Goodie: New York Times, Op-Ed

Occassionally I’ll stumble upon something cool in my job files that never made it into my portfolio for one reason or another. When that happens, I’ll post it on the blog as an “Oldie but Goodie”. The first entry in this category is an illustration I did last year for The New York Times’ Op-Ed [...]

The Awesomeness of Needlepoint

This post is about the awesomeness that is needlepoint. Like most people, I had seen the occasional needlepoint-upholstered chair and those pillows with messages about friendship. Last year I even purchased a framed vintage needlepoint dog portrait from rad illustrator Laura Levine’s cool and mysterious store in the Catskills called “The Mystery Spot”. Then I [...]