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Monthly Archives: August 2008

7up Commercial by Robert Abel

This commercial basically references every visual thing that I love: Busby Berkeley and the musicals of the 30′s, Xanadu and neon signs, the combination of photography and pop graphics, and of course ELVIS. I doubted that it was Elvis actually singing in the commercial, but I learned that the director, Robert Abel also directed the [...]

Album Cover Design & Logotype for Michael Arenella

I not-so-recently designed an album cover & logotype for the mega-talented Michael Arenella who performs Jazz-Age dance music. (okay, I know should say “CD cover”, but I just can’t…) Since the album is his first, and self-titled, he wanted the album cover to be iconic and incorporate one of the many fantastic photos of himself [...]

“Elderbloggers”, The Wall Street Journal

In June, I had the pleasure of doing this illustration for Orlie at The Wall Street Journal. The essay was about the benefits of starting a blog in later life. The author, Ronni Bennett uses the term “Elderblogger” to describe herself and other bloggers who are approaching retirement age and beyond. After the essay was [...]