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Category Archives: Hey Ma! Look at me!

Carnival Games Illustration

Here’s an illustration I did on carnival games for the August issue of Indianapolis Monthly. Of course, I had to include my favorite game: the fur-trimmed obnoxious-faced characters you try (and fail) to hit with beanbags. I actually just realized that the fur is to make the target appear larger than it is, and not [...]

Blogger’s Guilt and Sexy Apps

When spring arrived, I forgot I had a blog. Maybe I was distracted by the cherry blossoms, or maybe the sun was in my eyes. Now that I’ve found my way indoors for the air conditioning, I’m experiencing a classic case of Blogger’s Guilt. And the only known cure is to blog…or die. Um, I [...]

Molly Ringwald, Then & Now

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I have some fun stuff to share in the next few weeks. Here’s a recent assignment I did for More Magazine which compares Molly in all her 80′s glory to her new stylish self. The magazine refers to this type of piece as a “charticle” (chart + article). [...]

Amelia Earhart Flies the Night Sky

Here’s an interesting assignment I did for Seattle Metropolitan a few months back about Hilary Swank in the Amelia Earhart biopic. The fab Art Director, Benjamen Purvis wanted an image reminiscent of vintage aviation posters, such as the images below. Another request was to incorporate a photo of the real Amelia Earhart somewhere in the [...]

“What is Your Green IQ?”, The Wall Street Journal

Here’s a recent illustration I did for The Wall Street Journal to accompany a quiz on environmental issues. Sort of a companion piece to another “green” illustration I did in November. I really like working with nature imagery, probably because I have so little contact with actual nature in this city. I will now take [...]

“Peyton Manning In The City”, Indianapolis Monthly

Here’s a recent illustration I did about football star Peyton Manning being low-profile and hard to spot in the city. In order to really stylize the football helmets in this image, I had to take a closer look at what they actually look like, since I don’t have a lot of experience watching football. Honestly, [...]

Unhealthy Habits and Totally Starstruck

Indianapolis Monthly recently commissioned this illustration on unhealthy habits (Thanks Hector!). Here’s a close-up of two of my favorites…habits, that is    Actually, If TV static looked all cute and zig-zaggy like this, I would probably sit and watch it. Speaking of television, LOST is coming back soon – rock on, ya’ll!! In addition to [...]

:::::::::::::::::::::::::HAPPY HOLIDAYS!:::::::::::::::::::::::::

I hope everyone’s having a great holiday season! The last few months have been a whirlwind — fun assignments and great new clients. The above illustration is a recent piece I did for ForbesWoman about how to delegate holiday chores. The piece is a two-page spread and 11″ wide. It’s hard to see the detail [...]

“Green Technology”, The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently commissioned this illustration on eco-friendly technology. The collaged greenery in this piece reminds me of another illustration I did this year about the woman who invented Mother’s Day. I am really digging these assignments that include plants and flowers. Hope to do more now that Spring is almost within view… [...]

“Women in Politics”, Barnard Alumnae Magazine

Here’s a recent two-page spread I illustrated for Barnard’s Alumnae magazine. Although the subject was about the scarcity of women in politics, the Art Director wanted the image to project a sense of optimism, since the article includes interviews with alumnae who have succeeded in the field, despite the odds. And here’s a closeup… During [...]