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Ramblings of no significance

Carnival Games Illustration

Here’s an illustration I did on carnival games for the August issue of Indianapolis Monthly. Of course, I had to include my favorite game: the fur-trimmed obnoxious-faced characters you try (and fail) to hit with beanbags. I actually just realized that the fur is to make the target appear larger than it is, and not [...]

Blogger’s Guilt and Sexy Apps

When spring arrived, I forgot I had a blog. Maybe I was distracted by the cherry blossoms, or maybe the sun was in my eyes. Now that I’ve found my way indoors for the air conditioning, I’m experiencing a classic case of Blogger’s Guilt. And the only known cure is to blog…or die. Um, I [...]

A Blog With No Name

As you may have noticed, my little blog has become nameless, cruelly stripped of it’s own identity. Here’s why: I decided to integrate the blog with my portfolio site, and having the name “Blog Fancy” right under my name seemed unnecessary. But oddly, I feel a little bad for eliminating the blog’s independent identity. It’s [...]

“Mostly Mozart”, New York Magazine

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last blogged. In the past few months I’ve been really busy with assignments, and I completely neglected my poor little blog. If you are a frequent visitor, sorry to have left you hanging! Well, I’m back people, so let’s start to catch up. Here’s an [...]

My New Blue Shoes

My new blue shoes are rocking my little world. When I wear them, this is how I feel: However, I prefer my Olivia Newton John with ribbon-barrettes. I never thought I’d see the ribbon-barrette back on the scene, but thanks to the Broadway version of Xanadu, they are back on the market. You can buy [...]

Twiggy & The Boy Friend

I was going to do a blogpost about the film “The Boy Friend“, but this book cover appears to list all the relevant facts I LOVE this book cover. Twiggy is dead serious, toasting champagne in her silver aviator getup, looking cool as hell. I think the Marlena Dietrich eyebrows are an important part of [...]

Lovin’ the Layout

I just got my April issue of BUST Magazine, and I am REALLY digging the clean layout and typography accompanying my Mother’s Day illo. Also love the cheeky use of the flower within the headline. For this job, the Art Director requested the image be a “marqueed” shape, like some of my portfolio pieces. After [...]

Harlin Quist and Mod Crash Pads

While writing an earlier blogpost, about my obsession with Fiorucci, I learned that the publisher of The Fiorucci Book was none other than the legendary Harlin Quist! It seems a perfect coincidence, since Mr. Quist was also the publisher responsible for my favorite books from childhood. In the 1960′s and 1970′s Quist produced over sixty [...]

Who is Ely Kim?

Ely Kim’s rad little viral video called “BOOMBOX” has been making the rounds and it made me wonder – Who is Ely Kim…and will he be my best friend? In BOOMBOX, Ely joyfully busts a move to 100 songs in 100 days in 100 different places. Oh, it’s SO good. Well, it turns out that [...]


Lately I’ve been thinking about Fiorucci. For those of you who have been deprived of fabulousness, Fiorucci was a mind-blowing New-Wave boutique on 59th Street in Manhattan from 1976-1984. It basically looked like Debbie Harry’s dream closet: fluorescent jumpsuits, parachute pants, high-heeled sneakers and kooky disco clothes from Italy. It was the go-to place for [...]